Bespoke Making and Computer Aided Design



Design your own family history at Facet….


Although every ring has its own unique properties, not everyone is comfortable with the idea that a particular design can be replicated time and time again and certain stores produce hundreds of the exact same ring.

At Facet, all of our rings are handmade, in-house and our diamonds are selected from packets of thousands for the finest qualities available.

We limit each of our new designs to a maximum of three pieces only, but we offer a unique service which allows you to design your very own ring at no extra cost. Whether its a combination of multiple styles that already exist or you want a completely original design, our goldsmith will sit down with you and work on your project until you’re happy.

Please arrange an appointment with Liam or call into our store and a member of our team will be delighted to discuss your options. You’re budget is not an issue at Facet, we can facilitate any amount and succeed in making your dream piece come to life.